Textile Photographs and Collage

Art of Deborah Rustin CyrDeborah Rustin Cyr’s work will be on display at the library for the month of August. There will be a reception on Saturday, August 16 from 10-12:00 and the artist will be on hand to discuss her work including the techniques she uses and has developed.

Deborah works primarily in two directions. In one she uses photographs-her own, found photos, photos of friends and family as well as old advertising pictures from vintage magazines. She manipulates these images digitally and then prints them on specially treated cottons and silks before working them into larger constructions. In the other direction she cuts and reconfigures images


Deer tickThis has been a particularly bad year for ticks. The eight-legged parasite is a relative newcomer to Maine, moving up the coast from southern New England over the past 20 years and becoming increasingly prevalent, especially along the Midcoast. And ticks are wreaking havoc along the way, whether it is a deer tick, dog tick, or lone star tick. They carry pathogens that harm animals and humans — bacteria, viruses and protozoa. What to do?

Tick-borne Diseases in Maine, a Physician’s Reference Manual states that “Ticks are attracted to a variety of host factors including body heat and carbon dioxide. They will transfer to a potential host when one brushes directly against them and then seek a site for attachment.” They cannot jump or fly. In the guide from the Maine Center for Disease Control, it says, "Limiting exposure to ticks reduces the likelihood of any tick-born disease infection. In persons exposed to tick-infested habitats, prompt careful inspection and removal of crawling or attached ticks is an important

2014 Maine Readers' Choice Award

Maine Readers' Choice Award

Book Discussion Group
This summer, we will be reading the books from the the Maine Readers' Choice Award list. It's easy to participate:
  • Read one of the books from the list.
  • Come to the Library on Sept. 2 at 7:00pm.
  • Discuss the book(s) you read.
  • Vote for your favorite book in September.

Pick up a MRCA booklet at the library or print one here and learn how you can win a $25 gift certificate from Lori’s Café. All the books are available to borrow from the library. The following titles have been selected for the 2014 Shortlist for the Maine Reader’s Choice Award:

Mittens & Hats for Kids

knitted mittens There is a basket at the library to collect knitted mittens for kids. If you are a knitter, please help fill the basket with hand knit mittens. They will be given to Waldo Cap for distribution. Sizes for younger children are most needed. For more information, contact Sue Chapin.

If you need a pattern, Sue left directions for 2-needle mittens for three different sizes and a simple hat pattern that you can pick-up at the library. She also left some yarn. A simple pattern for hats can be found here.


Story Time/Summer

Fizz, Boom, Read!Remember to turn in your Summer Reading Calendar to the library by September 5th in order to get fabulous science prizes!

Story Time - Thursdays at 10:30


Disc Cleaning

disc imageWe have purchased a disc cleaning machine to clean the library's DVDs and CDs. If you have personal DVDs, CDs, or game discs that need a buffing, bring them to the library and Jen will clean them for you. We ask for you to pay $2.00 per disc to help cover the cost for the cleaning solutions required. Jen is at the library on Wednesday and Friday afternoons or you can leave them at the library for her to clean. Please leave your name and contact information with the disc. We will do our best to improve your discs, but we will not be responsible if the enhancement does not fix the problem or for any damage to the disc.

Maine Shared Collection

Maine Shared CollectionsThe Maine Shared Collections Strategy (MSCS) brings together eight of Maine’s largest libraries, plus the state’s consortium, Maine InfoNet, in an effort to create a strategy for the shared management of print collections in the state.

When searching at MaineCat (the Statewide Catalog combines and links library collections across the state), you might see a screen that looks like this: http://mainecat.maine.edu/record=b11956901~S0. This is an indication of e-book and print-on-demand records available.

These records link to electronic copies of public domain titles made available by HathiTrust and Google Books. The records are part of Maine Shared Collection Strategy's (MSCS) efforts to provide Electronic-On-Demand and Print-On-Demand


StoryWalkA StoryWalk is on the Haystack Mountain Trail featuring children’s book And to Think That We Thought That We’d Never Be Friends by Mary Ann Hoberman and Kevin Hawkes. The book is available for borrow from the library.

A StoryWalk features popular children’s books mounted on sign posts along local public access trails. This event combines

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