About the Library

The Library Director is Barbara Worcester. You will find her at the library on Monday evenings and hit-or-miss other times during the week. We operate almost exclusively with our many dedicated Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Barbara.

Any resident in the towns of Liberty and Montville may use the library free of charge. Non-residents of these towns will be charged $10.00 per year. Books, videos, and audio books are loaned for a two-week period. Interlibrary loan is available if we do not have the book you are interested in, but a fee of $3.00 is requested to defray the cost of the postage for this service.  

Free use of computers and wi-fi are available to all.

Wireless access is free Internet access on your laptop or PDA. Users must have a wireless card already installed in their laptop/notebook, PDA or wireless device in order to log-on to the wireless network. Users must agree to our Computer Use Policy. Printing is not available through the wireless network.

We have desktop computers from which you can print. The fee is $.25 per page. We also offer faxing at $1.00 per fax. Our fax number is the same as the phone number: 207-589-3161.

Donations of books, DVDs, and audio CDs are welcome, however please call ahead for large donations. (See DONATE.)